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Author: Amelia Hepworth

In this humorous story filled with lift-the-flaps and sound, all of the animals try to tickle Moose to make him laugh, but no one can do it. Is there anyone who can make Moose laugh? Includes an on/off switch on the back cover to extend battery life.

Moose challenges the other animals in the forest to make him laugh. One of the beavers tries tickling him, but it doesn’t work. Next up is peacock, who tries to tickle Moose with his feathers. Moose just sneezes; he doesn’t even smile. Gorilla is convinced that he’ll be able to make Moose laugh, but that doesn’t work, either. Is there anyone who can make Moose laugh? This humorous, engaging story includes lift-the-flaps throughout and sound at the end of the book.

Ages: 3-5 years