Slumberkins Inc. - Violet Yak Kin


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This spring, get ready to play with more joy, more expression, and more connection! Yak is hosting a Garden Party, and she’s already learning big lessons about being a good friend and host. In our new book, Yak’s party plans quickly go awry. Wanting everything to go perfectly for her friends, our caring host struggles to cope when her guests don’t follow the exact agenda. It’s very common for children (and adults!) to have an idea of how they want plans to go, especially big events or holidays. When the plan isn’t being followed, or when friends have different ideas for the day, it can be challenging for kids to be flexible and problem-solve when they’re feeling disappointed. When reading “Yak’s Garden Party,” families can use our Violet Yak Kin to remind children of the story’s lessons in flexibility, turn-taking, and being kind to ourselves when things don’t turn out the way we expected.