MelMarie Skincare Simply Bare Oil Cleanser

MelMarie Skincare

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A complete different way of cleansing, Oil Cleansing leaves your face baby soft, and will continue to improve your skin the longer you use it.

Great for all skin types this Oil Cleanser helps to normalize the sebum production in the skin, and lets your skin produce normal levels of sebum on its own.  When you wash with normal cleansers, they strip the face of all oils so your skins feels it needs to amp up oil production to balance that.

Simply Bare does not strip away any oils, rather it uses chemistry in  the “like removes like” theory.  (Oil removes oil)

Will remove even the most caked on waterproof mascara with ease.

To use: Shake before each use. Start with applying 4-5 pumps to a dry face. Gently massage into the whole face including eye area and eyes. (there will be no burning, I promise). Apply warm water with your hands and continue massaging all areas of the face. Follow with a warm washcloth to gently remove anything left. Your face will feel radiant, clean and moisturized.

The ULTIMATE eye makeup and mascara cleanser. Follow with moisturizer.

Packaged in a 2 ounce bottle which will last approx 8 weeks depending on usage.