MelMarie Skincare Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

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Guaranteed to change the way you feel about shampoo and conditioner  in a bottle, we have formulated our bars to give you the best hair day, everyday!  Simply get your hair wet and swipe 4-5 times across your head for instant suds.  Massage as normal, rinse and follow with the conditioner bar.  It really is that easy!

We start all of our shampoo bars with a blend of 3 different coconut derived surfactants (bubble makers) for mildness, then add Jojoba Oil and Cocoa Butter (except the one for oily hair, this is omitted).

Then come the additives which really make these bars shine!

~Silk Amino Acids added to form a protective barrier along the hair shaft

~Bamboo Extract for strengthening and detangling

~Black Castor Oil( added only to the dry hair bar for strength)

~Jojoba Protein to help retain moisture, add shine and luster, repair damaged hair

~Baobab Protein to deeply nourish, soften, improves elasticity and reduces breakage

~Nettle Extract soothes irritated scalp, absorbs unwanted oils

Conditioner Bars contain very few ingredients and give you soft hair without weight!

We start with Jojoba Oil, Red Raspberry Oil and Emulsifying Wax(to hold it all together)…..To that we add extracts and proteins from the shampoo bars to design each one specifically for your hair type!
Yes they are smaller than the shampoo bars but should last approx the same amount of time!

They should last you up to 80 washes as long as they are able to dry out between uses and are not sitting on a shelf with water. We recommend a soap dish with holes or slots in them to allow the bars to dry out!

Great for travel!