KidSafe® Lil’ Stinkers Collectible Plush Animals

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Coco the Bird is a cheerful aroma plush animal that is a wonderful companion for children who like to giggle and snuggle. Coco’s Blend smells just like minty fresh gum and includes Mandarin and Spearmint essential oils.

Otis the Goat is a lovable aroma plush animal who children will love to sniff and snuggle. Otis’ Blend includes Steam Distilled Lemon, German Chamomile CO2 and Vanilla, giving it the aroma of sweet lemony cookies.

PJ the Elephant is a charming aroma plush animal that is perfect for a child who loves to laugh and hug. PJ's Blend is a cheerful burst of fruity essential oils, including fresh Steam Distilled Lemon and bright Pink Grapefruit.

As one of the KidSafe® Lil’ Stinkers collectible plush animals, each character has an attached Safety Scent Cartridge™ that allows parents to put a few drops of the signature scent or other KidSafe® essential oil on a scent pad and then secure it inside the toy. Kids can cuddle with Coco, Otis, or PJ and enjoy the aroma day or night.