Hilda and the Midnight Giant

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Hilda Season 1 and 2 is now on Netflix!

"Luke Pearson is one of the best cartoonists working today. Hilda is utterly brilliant!"
—Raina Telgemeier, creator of Smile

When creatures bombard Hilda's house with eviction notices, she has to think twice before making their acquaintance. Come to think of it, who is this giant who only appears at midnight, and why is Hilda the only person who can see him?

Now available in paperback for the first time, Luke Pearson’s stories of the rambunctious and adorable Hilda are now available to stream on Netflix!

  • Author: Luke Pearson
  • Pages: 48
  • Ages: 8-12 Years

Don’t Hilda’s first adventure, Hilda and the Troll and see what she does in her next adventure, Hilda and the Bird Parade!