Project #1 and What's Coming Next

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We officially survived Day 1 of summer break! While we did not stick hard and fast to our schedule that is fine because we are taking our time getting used to having all of us home all day. Katem and I did have a chance to get our first project in while Quinn napped so I definitely feel we are on the right track.

Our first project was a Countdown Chain so we could see how many days we have left before Katem starts first grade. This project was super easy but it did have some hidden benefits. Katem had to count how many days, we did weekdays only, until school started. It also worked on making a pattern and her fine motor skills. Here is how it went:


First we gathered our supplies, construction paper, paper cutter, stapler, and a calendar.


Then Katem picked out what colors she wanted for her chain. She decided on her school colors blue and gold.


Next she used the paper cutter to cut 64 strips about 1" thick out of the construction paper.


The last step required her to link her chain together by stapling her strips into a circle around the last link. She went with a gold, blue, gold, blue pattern.



We still have to find a place to hang her chain but she was really excited to tear off her first link this morning.

Project #2 will posted on June 14th. We will be making a Lemonade Stand for her American Girl doll. Here is the supply list if you would like to build along with us!

Large Crate, 2 Dowel Rods, Paint, Paintbrush, Wood Glue, some way to make "Lemonade" sign (we will be using a Cricut to make a banner).


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