AG Button Bracelets and Water Gun Art

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This summer is just flying by! I'm hoping you are enjoying the longer days as much as we are. While I was worried about how our schedule would go I can say for sure that project time is one activity that never gets missed. This week we made bracelets for Katem, her AG doll Kit, and her Bitty Baby doll Claire. Here is how we did it:

First we gathered our supplies

Katem picked out these fun buttons that came in four colors. We also tried using monofilament but switched to elastic thread so the bracelets would be stretchy. If you use monofilament I suggest getting some clasps so the bracelets come off easily.

Once Katem decided on the pattern for each bracelet we measured around each wrist and cut our thread a few inches longer to give us room to tie off the bracelet. Then we got to threading our buttons. This took a lot of patience and I found that it was best to sear the end of the thread with a lighter to help prevent fraying.

After all of the buttons were on the thread we tied the bracelet around the wrist to make sure it was the correct size.

All done and happy with the results!

Katem also had Cheer Camp this week and she had so much fun! She got the Brightest Smile award for her age group and showed a lot of spirit during their program on the last day. To cap off the camp she invited two of her friends to come over and play in the sprinkler and hang out. While they were here we did our next project. Each girl created a painting with water guns, here is how they did it:

First the paint colors they picked were each diluted with water to a 50/50 combo in a plastic cup. We made sure to mix it well with a spoon.

Next I poured each color into a plastic baggie.

Trying to get the paint into the water gun was super tricky. I cut a small hole in one corner of the baggie and slowly trickled the paint mixture into the water gun. Thanks to Katem for the awesome pic!

All filled up!

Next we went outside and set up their 12"x12" canvases straight up. The girls then went to town squirting their water guns onto the canvases.

Once they were satisfied with their paintings we laid them down to dry.

I made one trying to get the extra paint mixture out of the water guns and was pleased with the results. This is definitely a project that we will do again.

To finish off this post I want to share that we are doing something really fun starting tomorrow. We have put together outfits and will be selling them at a HUGE discount. In order to get the discount you will have to purchase each piece in the outfit. Be sure to check out the combinations online starting tomorrow!


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