4th of July Windsocks

Posted by Allison Schroeder on

This next project is a great way to get ready for the fourth. We made Windsocks and then hung them up on our front porch. Here are our supplies

First we threw out the tops of our cans, cleaned out our cans and painted them blue.

While we waited for the first coat to dry we measured and cut our streamers. We decided that we needed four red and four white streamers for each windsock.

After two more coats of paint our cans were looking good.

Next we used the white paint to put stars on our cans. Katem was a bit more free spirited than I was and she even painted Ohio on hers!

After our stars dried it was time to use our twine to make a loop  from which our Windsocks would hang. I used a large nail and hammer to put a hole in the top.

Then I fed both ends of the twine through the hole and tied them in a knot on the inside of the can.

Ta da!!

Next we put Gorilla Glue around the bottom rim.

We then put the streamers on the can in a red, white, red, white pattern.

After letting the glue dry overnight we took our Windsocks outside and hung them from hooks on our porch. Now we are looking festive for the 4th of July!


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