A Kindness Journey - Just 5 Minutes

Posted by Allison Schroeder on

Something that a lot of parents are concerned about is the amount of screen time they allow their children. I know that I see a difference when my kiddos put away the phones and iPad and play with their toys; there are less tantrums, they treat each other better, and their imaginations really soar! This week on our Kindness Journey we are going to still focus on Self Compassion and we are going to Take A Break. Here is what we are doing, myself included.

  1. Find a peaceful spot
  2. Sit quietly by yourself for 5 minutes
  3. Set a timer
  4. Don't read or look at a screen or talk to anyone

Learning how to not do anything for a little while and just "be" in the moment is a fantastic way to decompress and check in with ourselves. Whether you do this one time this week, or once every day, I hope you are able to just relax and then go out into the world and continue to spread kindness!

Check out these Kindness Cards we are using throughout our Kindness Journey